Ted Cruz Confirms the End of His Political Career [VIDEO]

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Last night Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican convention and confirmed the end of his political career. Cruz had said that if he had no path to the nomination he would endorse the GOP nominee and last night he refused to do that and was booed off the stage at the Republican convention.


Undoubtedly Cruz will be crowned a hero by the #NeverTrump people but they’ll be holding their next get-together in the men’s room at the Holiday Inn express.

Cruz apparently is planning on a primary campaign in 2020 and after last night whether Trump wins or loses Ted will do about as well in 2020 as Jeb Bush did this year except he won’t be able to raise money.

The final nail in Cruz’ coffin was slammed home when Sarah Palin – who endorsed Cruz in his 2012 Senate race and was credited for putting him over-the-top – basically made a statement that accused Cruz of being a traitor to the party and to conservatives.

This election has been a complete realignment of the party. All of the favored candidates were eaten alive by a guy with no political experience who spent about as much on his primary campaign as I’m spending for lunch. The final nail in the Republican Establishment coffin could come in less than two weeks if Paul Ryan loses his primary contest in Wisconsin.

We can hope.

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