Tebow Gotta Pray; H8ters Gotta H8te

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Tim Tebow has a knack for just being a good guy and inspiring more hate from the left and all the Muslim terrorists on earth could manage. He did it again last week.

Tim was on a flight coming into Phoenix on Delta Airlines when a passenger had a heart attack. The Delta crew went to work trying to save the passengers life and a physicians assistant stepped into administered CPR. Tebow left his seat to pray for the family.

He bent over the man’s distraught wife, hugging her and praying with her and a friend. After the plane landed and the man was rushed to the hospital Tebow took the man’s wife to the hospital and stayed with her until she got the devastating news that her husband and died.


The story made news because a couple of passengers on the plane recorded video and posted it on their Facebook accounts. Those social media post went viral and were picked up by the media.  Tebow never said a word about what happened to anybody.

The response in the media accounts was immediate, the Tebow haters came out of the woodwork.

“Tim Tebow was getting in the way while trying to be a missionary on a plane? What a putz!” said one commenter on an Orlando Sentinel article.

“Prayed? Give me a break. Get out of the way and let modern medicine take care of the sick. Idiot,” wrote another.

Some are even claiming he was only being selfish by praying for the man’s wife.

“Tim Tebow did nothing, because prayer does nothing. The young medical professional who attempted CPR and actually tried to save the man’s life actually DID something. What Tebow did was engage in a narcissistic ritual,” said one commenter on a People magazine blog.

Actually, they didn’t come out of the woodwork they came out of the sewer.

Personally, I’m glad there are people like Tim Tebow involved in professional sports, it takes a bad taste out of my mouth from ESPN.

Thank you Tim, and may God continue to bless you.

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