Sweet Revenge! Co-worker Gets Ultimate Payback For Stealing Woman’s Coffee Creamer

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You know that annoying time when you looked in the fridge at work and some jerk-off took your food because they really didn’t care who’s it was, their stomach was calling and the lack of self-control ensued. Maybe that person was you that was sneaking someone else’s snack, and if it was you BEWARE. People might catch on and you could end up digesting something terribly unpleasant that was indeed not meant for you at all. This woman had enough when her coffee creamer had been stolen all week, she then hatched a plan. She took her empty creamer bottle and filled it with breast milk, then she waited until the bottle was almost completely gone before leaving this little note…


“Good Morning! To whoever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week…. Surprise!!! You’ve been drinking my BREAST MILK. Hope you’ve enjoyed. Cheers! -B”

She was kind enough to leave a little disclaimer at the bottom…

“P.S. It’s organic,” it read. “So no worries :)”

Well, they do say breastmilk is healthy and all.

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