Swedish Women Warned: Wear a Headscarf or be Raped: And That’s NOT the WORST..

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I can’t image being a woman, living in Sweden and seeing threatening messages as I walk out my front door and around my neighborhood that threaten my life? That’s the insanity of Radical Islamic Terrorism surrounding many in Sweden today.

Stickers calling for democracy to be replaced with Islam and for women who do not wear a veil to be raped have appeared in public places in Sweden. They have been reported to the police.

Pictures of the stickers, which have been stuck to objects on streets in Nybro, Småland, have been circulating on social media.


One of the stickers reads, in English: “Women who don’t wear a headscarf are asking to be raped.”

Another reads: “No democracy. We just want Islam,” Fria Tider has reported.

The stickers have been reported to the police who are currently investigating who placed them there, but admitted that at the moment they do not know who is behind them.

I bet we can guess can’t we?



The appearance of the stickers comes just weeks after a number of stickers appeared in nearby Emmaboda bearing the message “Multiculturalism is bad for your children and your grandchildren.” However, those stickers were emblazoned with ‘Nordfront’, the Swedish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, a national socialist movement. They were also stylised, made to look like the health warnings carried on cigarette packets.

But unlike the Nordfront stickers, the Islamist stickers feature plain white text on a plain dark grey background with no logo or marking to indicate who placed them. Consequently, while some people have argued that they were placed by newly arrived asylum seekers with an agenda to promote Islam in Sweden, others have argued that they could be the work of Swedes seeking to “incite hatred” against the immigrants.

In that respect, the controversy closely resembles a recent case in which leaflets were posted through letterboxes in Manchester, England, calling on British people not to walk their dogs in public in order for the area to be kept “pure” for Muslims.


“As citizens of a multicultural nation, those who live in the UK must learn to understand and respect the legacy and lifestyle of the Muslims who live alongside them,” the leaflets read.


Isn’t THAT really the problem? Muslims immigrating as illegal immigrants into other countries. Instead of Muslims who should be assimilating INTO the culture of Sweden, Sweden and it’s ENTIRE population is asked to assimilate INTO the culture of radical islamic terrorists. What’s wrong with this picture?

Sweden opened it’s doors to Muslim immigrants in the early ’70’s. Today they are paying the price. Sweden is now known as the “Rape Capital of the Western world”. Unfortunately, it’s the women in Sweden who are paying the greatest price.


Want to know the real sad part?

Swedish press refuse to report these sexual predators as Muslim. It’s all about being politically correct. They don’t want to say anything about “Islamaphobia”. The fact is the guy that raped this woman was reported as a “Swedish” male, even though crimes of rape in Sweden are committed by Muslims 20-40 times more than males from Sweden.

If Sweden, and for that matter the United States, followed Japan’s policies for the illegal immigration of Muslims – we’d all be better off. Sweden should have unabashedly preserved its OWN culture and so should America!

Who wants bacon?




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