Stick Outside Motel Room Leads Cops To Man’s 4-Year Secret Within

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This guy is one sick piece of sh*t. Perry Coniglio had no clue the police were coming to his place to pay a little visit. The officers knew something was off but they never expected to unravel this horrific secret that had been kept for four years! Perry didn’t work to stay in his two hotel rooms…he had another way to pay for his stay.

Guns drawn, police surrounded the shabby motel room door…

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He spent at least four years in the squalor of a motel room he shared with stacked furniture and overturned flower pots.

And next door to 35-year-old Perry Coniglio, who police say held the U.S. Marine veteran prisoner so Coniglio could cash Mr. McClellan’s Social Security and pension checks and collect his food stamps.

Neighbors say he was brutal.

“The guy who was arrested who lived next door, he was giving him just one bowl of cereal a day, he would stick him back in the room with a stick, wasn’t bathing him, the old guy would just be walking around here naked, just terrible,” a neighbor said.
2016-07-25 04_49_47-Stick Outside Motel Room Leads Cops To Man's Disturbing 4-Year Secret Inside

Indeed, video obtained by Eyewitness News shows some of how Coniglio treated McClellan. After they exchanged words outside, you see Coniglio go into McClellan’s room with that stick neighbors saw him use. Police and neighbors say it went on like this for years and the reason was simple.

“We believe he is the recipient of a tremendous amount of money on a monthly basis,” said Chief Jack Quinn, Highland Police Department.

Medics took McClellan to a local hospital to make sure he is physically OK.

Adult services will provide him a new home. Police recovered illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia from Coniglio’s room.

In many ways, Mr. McClellan was the perfect victim. He had a lot of money, he had no known friends or relatives, and he was in an advanced stage of dementia.

Police asked him how long he thought he had been in the motel room and he said he thought about four days. He has been there at least four years.
Coniglio was arraigned and is being held in the Orange County Jail on $15,000 cash bail or $25,000 bond.

Wow…this is awful! It is seriously sad that a man who fought for our freedom and managed to escape alive was held captive for four years, in his OWN country, abandoned by his friends and family. Perry has been charged with imprisonment, grand larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, endangering an incompetent person, menacing and unlawful possession of marijuana. This piece of crap doesn’t deserve a prison cell with three meals a day, when he inflicted such brutal torture on a vet, I say send him to a state that uses the electric chair.


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