Shocking Moment Cat-Sitter Caught On Camera Getting Intimate, Client Watches In Horror

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This adult man, a “professional” pet sitter, attempted to “get some tail” in his clients home. Things got pretty heated and frisky, then to his utter horror, he was discovered and ashamed. Ahmet Ozturk used the pet-sitting company Pet Parade, it had a good reputation up until now. She told the media she wasn’t expecting what later ensued throughout her apartment…a tale of boiling passion, intense embarrassment, and an extremely amused feline.



Yang hired Ozturk to go to her apartment for half an hour each day around 3pm to attend to Meow Meow for half an hour or so while she was in Australia.
To make sure the apartment was safe, Yang’s husband installed a security camera with a motion sensor that would message Yang if it detected people in the home.
On May 24, at 9pm New York time – but noon for Yang – she received an email with screenshots from the home showing Ozturk and a lady friend making use of the kitchen counter.
And the living room rug. And the sofa.

‘I start getting angry,’ Yang recalled, ‘I start texting him saying “What are you doing here at this hour and what is this girl doing here with you?” He doesn’t respond.’
To be fair to Ozturk, he was rather distracted at the time.
The early footage was all clothed, PG-13 fare. But then things got a little more frisky.

‘During my lunchtime I continue to receive pictures, including some nude pictures,’ Yang explained, grimacing.
After a brief moment petting Meow Meow – not really enough to justify Ozturk’s presence, much less the rest of his actions that night – the pair stripped off in the living room and exited to a side room.
But their fun wasn’t done yet, and Ozturk and the woman emerged to get frisky on Yang’s sofa.
Meow Meow watched the whole event – probably the most interesting thing the attention-starved cat had seen for days.
Unlike her cat, Yang had had enough of the couple at this point and called her friend Alisha Marshall who drove to the apartment to break up the beast with two backs.
‘I struggled with the locks,’ she told Pix 11, ‘I think while I was struggling they probably heard someone was fumbling with the door.
‘When I opened the door Ahmet was standing right in front of me.’
Clothed, thankfully.
Marshall confronted the cat-sitter and told him he was under surveillance before demanding: ‘pack up your things and go.’
The footage then shows her kicking out the half-naked woman, saying ‘Get the f*** out dressed the way you are.’
Don’t waste my time getting dressed in the apartment,’ she later clarified to Pix 11. ‘Take it into the corridor.’
‘Put your s*** on in the f***ing hallway,’ she bellowed at the couple, just in case they hadn’t got the message.


Pix said he’d just become lost in the moment and gave some poor excuse of the girl he was with being in love with cats or some garbage. We can pretty much guess the truth, though, he was caught red-handed and tried to make up a crappy story to hide his failed attempt to make love in someone else’s bachelor pad. YIKES! Get a room buddy, preferably your own.

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