Shocking What Happens Next After Store Clerk Wrestles Gun From Robber!

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What would your first reaction be when an armed robber came into a convenience store? Most people would freeze in terror or pee their pants. Not this man, he used his fists as weapons and gave this gangly robber a run for his money. The attempted robbery began in the early hours of the morning when a masked man entered the convenience store with a gun. Two male customers inside the store stepped away in terror and watched the scene unfold…


The suspect, wearing a bandanna over part of his face and a dark hooded top, is seen running away after the clerk got hold of the firearm.
Police received information the following day that led them to arrest Ryan J. Wages, the Frederick News Post reported.


The 18-year-old, of Thurmont, was charged with armed robbery.
He remains in custody at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center on $200,000 bail, a jail spokesman confirmed to Daily Mail Online.


Abdul Ayab, who owns the store, said the suspect was screaming in his employee’s face. He didn’t identify the clerk.
‘[The man] pointed it at my employee and started screaming at my employee, screaming in his face and my employee grabbed the gun and took it out of the guy’s hands,’ Ayab told the Post.
‘And the guy ran out of the store, so now the police have the gun and he didn’t get anything.’

Sheriff’s deputies found the gun wasn’t loaded, but they increased patrols in the area of the store.
They came into tell Ayab and his staff that they took Wages into custody on Wednesday and believe he is behind other similar incidents.


The man who robbed Ayab’s store had been convicted of other crimes and because of this clerks braveness, he is now being punished for those crimes. Still, he would have been a lot safer if he’d had a gun behind the counter, this man may have been afraid to pull the trigger, but most thieves aren’t. Ayab is going to install a security system and a door that will only buzz customers in during certain hours. Not as effective as arming yourself, but it’s a step forward.

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