Shackled Inmates Bust Out Of Cell To Do Something Completely Odd And Unexpected!

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When you think of an inmate, you don’t automatically think of a do-gooder, usually, my thoughts go to the exact opposite. When this group of trouble makers witnessed a guard, who had previously been chatting with them and telling jokes, slump over into an obvious heart attack, their consciences kicked into gear and they did what any regular human would do…



The prisoners yelled for assistance and got out of the cell – and found no pulse, according to the station.
They made lots of noise, hollering and banging on doors, which prompted deputies to go downstairs and respond, according to WFAA.
Parker County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Speegle saw the inmates standing over the guard, before getting them into the holding room again, its report said.
Speegle told WFAA: ‘He had keys. Had a gun. It could have been an extremely bad situation.’


Deputies performed CPR and paramedics shocked the man, the station reported. His pulse returned.
Kelton described the guard to WFAA as ‘a good man’.



You really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. People can appear rough on the outside and still have a soft heart hiding somewhere. This guard was saved by the inmates busting out…they have since reinforced the holding cell.


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