See The ‘Sick’ Thing An Islamist Did On Live TV That Enraged Host & Viewers

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In a recent Arab Tv show one Muslim completely lost it! He came onto the show to discuss a controversial new book called The People Versus Muhammed. The book goes into a detailed investigation of the true ideology of Islam. It brought to light the legitimacy of the religion. This man couldn’t contain his temper when he found out the shocking truth about the prophet Muhammed advocating things like honor killings and sex slavery to name a couple.

However, when one man shared his thoughts after reading the book that exposed the religion that he once held dear and practiced, no one was prepared for his startling reaction. Shouting in Arabic to astonished onlookers, he went off for over three minutes before the show was suddenly cut.

“I will speak the truth! I refused to be silenced again!” the man begins angrily shouting before he goes into a full rant mode. “It is you who are ignorant and deny the truth! We’ve all been lied to for 1400 years! Fourteen-hundred years of propaganda! I was warned not to read The People Versus Muhammad because they want to keep us in the dark! They don’t want us to know he was a psychopath! A murderer!! Worthless narcissist!! Disgusting pedophile!”

The enlightened man, full of passion and angry gestures, continued shouting for over three minutes, while astonished hosts tried to calm him. However, the man remained undeterred, shouting back at the hosts that they’ve all been brainwashed. Then the video abruptly ends. It’s not clear whether the man was escorted off the set, but he is obviously silenced over his extreme viewpoints

If this poor sucker had actually read the Quran which he previously believed, this wouldn’t have come as such a shock to him! Maybe instead of dropping bombs we should be dropping the Quran off to these crazy terrorists! Just a thought since they don’t even know their own religion. Let’s hope this guy didn’t get murdered for his stance on Islam, the camera did turn off rather suddenly.

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