Robots Looking for Love:

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The race is on to create emotional robots that bond with humans with love and affection!

After spending decades in cameras and media devices, Sony has turned its eyes on robots, and in a big way.

Will the robots of the future be designed to replace humans altogether? Some would like that insanity but I do not think they will ever come close!

The race is on to create emotional robots that bond with humans with love and affection!

The Verge reports:

“Sony has announced plans to develop robots “capable of forming an emotional bond with customers.” And no, it’s not talking about the Rolly. At the company’s corporate strategy meeting this morning in Tokyo, CEO Kaz Hirai said that a new robot-focused organization within Sony was established in April and is working towards a business launch.

“Sony will seek to propose new business models that integrate hardware and services to provide emotionally compelling experiences,” the company says in notes from the presentation; no further details on the robot are available. Japanese telecoms company SoftBank makes similar “emotional” claims about its Pepper robot, while Sony arguably achieved the goal to some extent with its AIBO dogs, which some users have gone as far as to hold funerals for.”

No matter what is programmed into a computer, the basic will always remain the same, “Garbage in, garbage out”

As technology continues, what will be accomplished will be amazing, but it will never be real emotion.

Sony states they want to create a ‘robot capable of forming an emotional bond with customers, and able to grow to inspire love and affection’. But the bond will always be a one way connection and the human will always know that.


I am for sure bonded with my hand-held device, as many of us are. I love it! It enables me to work wherever I am at, stay in closer contact with my friends and relatives, and provides me with a plethora of functions that make my life simpler.

But my phone, no matter how dedicated I am to taking extremely good care of it and proving for its basic needs, will not love me back and could care less if I gave it to a stranger!

It will be interesting to see where technology takes us though! So many positives, and so many negatives!

The race is on to create emotional robots that bond with humans with love and affection!

Speaking of where technologly takes us, check out this robotic animal to help autistic people form emotional bond.

The University of British Columbia, Canada, has come with a revolutionary creation to help autistic people form emotional bond: a cross between a dog, a cat and a rabbit responding to touch, and helping people suffering from autistic disorder. Nevertheless, the Haptic Creature serves another purpose: delivering information out of the touch by what the researchers call “smart fur”, a calming influence for the kid, and a sensory object for the research team.


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