Rio Sex Workers Cutting Prices… when you see the pics, you’ll know why

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The Olympics start in less than six weeks in Rio.  Did I mention that Brazil is a Socialist workers paradise modeled on Hugo Chavez’ vision for Venezuela?  Well, it is.  And what Hugo did for food supplies in Caracas …

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his counterparts in Rio are doing for the Olympics.  And, for the sex trade.

Brazil hosted the World Cup two years ago and expected huge revenues from soccer fans would jumpstart their workers paradise.  It was a huge bust.  It was so bad that business for Rio’s hookers actually fell off.

When the working girls can’t make a buck off the tourist trade you know the economy is a disaster.

They’re facing a similar situation this summer for the Olympics.  The tourists haven’t started arriving yet and already they’re cutting prices in Rio’s notorious Vila Mimosa zone.

6 Rio 2

That’s right, they’re handing out fliers in English announcing their price roll-backs (with apologies to Walmart.)  Brazilian currency is the Real and one of those equals about $0.30 US.

6 Rio 3

Right now, in hopes of attracting some business, sex for an hour is about US$20.00 with one girl.  A threesome for an hour is US$24.00 per girl.

At those prices I’m guessing the United Nations will be moving from NYC to Rio.  Just the savings in the cost of hookers for the diplomats could pay for the move.

Why did they pick a javelin thrower?  Why not a pole vaulter?  Where are the fliers for the women?  That’s sexist!  And, no gay or trans fliers?  I’m expecting the Obama administration to take a stand and block the U.S. Olympic team from competing like Jimmy Carter did when the Olympics were in Russia.

You can expect the Olympics to be an absolute disaster this year.  First, it was the Zika virus.  Mosquitoes carrying Zika are thick as thieves in Rio and the virus is deadly.

Then there is the little problem with the public works folks who are building the the venues.  That’s right, six weeks to go and they’re not even close to being done.

This is a bridge under construction.  Or something.

6 Rio 4

Here’s the kayaking and canoe event area, they’ve got water but no seats, and I wouldn’t get in the water.  Given Rio’s problems it could be sewage runoff.

6 Rio 5

Here’s where they’re going to be play some kind of hockey or another.

6 rio 6

And then there’s beach volleyball.  Yay beach volleyball!  Who doesn’t love watching a fast game of beach volleyball?

6 Rio 7

Oh yeah, no seating. And what’s that big pile of sand for?

Personally, I think the Democratic Party may have paid off people in Rio to slow things down so the Olympic coverage is a disaster.  It’ll take people’s mind of Hillary.

6 Rio 8

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