Revealed:Americans FURIOUS Demand White House Fence Come Down IMMEDIATELY

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Who is Barrack Obama really? He paints himself as this peace-loving president, but when you look at his past actions he is anything but a peaceful man. He’s had an unusual background that most of us have heard about by now (ties to the Muslim community), but, every little piece that brings him closer to radical Islamists is terrifying. Unfortunately, this picture below is just another piece of the puzzle when it comes to our terrorist loving president. Barak Obama unveiled the new White House fence, which seems inconsequential until you look at the symbolism it holds for the Muslim community…then it becomes very troubling that this is the man leading our country, well… leading us down a path of destruction that is. When this odd feature was allowed on the fence Americans were furious and requested that it be taken down immediately.


Thanks to an eagle-eyed American patriot, Obama’s new design of the White House fence that surrounds the whole perimeter was discovered, and it looks like Islamic minarets from the Ottoman Empire. It’s something you would see in classic Islamic architecture somewhere in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, and it’s definitely not the style of Washington, DC.

ABC News first reported on the fence back in 2015 when it was first announced that, because of security issues, the Obama regime contracted for a new fence be built — specifically to put in more spikes so intruders would find it impossible to scale.

Today, the design caught the eye of Andrea Shea King, a conservative radio host, and what followed was many Americans expressing outrage on social media over the new design. One man, going by the name “Concerned Virginian,” commented on the fence, explaining:

“These are traditional Islamic designs. The ‘castle like’ item on top of the ‘onion dome’ item is an evocation of Mecca, the Dome of the Rock, and the buildings surrounding it. The ‘onion dome’ is a traditional Islamic design, seen in mosques, window designs for the Harem, Islamic architecture still exists in Spain. Make no mistake this is just another way to declare Islam.”


Political Islam is fraught with coded messaging used to convey intention to Islamic audiences while simultaneously presenting a false face to the West. When you know what signals to look for, you are able to fully understand the ideology behind the message.

This is no coincidence, Obama is many things but, unfortunately, stupid is not one of them. He is a calculating manipulating person who has made many believe his motives are pure and innocent, when in reality, he’s about as innocent as Hitler. Obama has given the Arab world a deliberate sign that he is on their side, working undercover in our White House to destroy America’s freedom. This may seem like a conspiracy theory until you consider all of the facts.

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