Religion of Peace “Welfare Queen” Won’t Remove Headscarf in Court: Judge Lays the SMACKDOWN ! [VIDEO]

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A judge in Québec was hearing a case involving a woman who was trying to get her car back. The woman’s son had been stopped by police for driving with a suspended license and they seized the car, she was in court trying to the car out of impound.

Her case was called and she stood before the judge who took exception to her parents. She was wearing a hijab and that’s when the fun began.

This episode is rather shocking because generally, in Canada, Muslims receive very favored treatment.  The Canadian government pretty much requires everyone to kowtow to them.

This woman is an immigrant from Kuwait to Quebec and is a Canadian citizen.  She – like all Muslims – refuses to comport herself in accordance to Canadian laws and customs and instead lives according to Sharia law.  And expects everyone else to live by Sharia law.

Muslim immigration is a cancer on the West and Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are doing their best to bring that cancer, in very large numbers, to America.  And to your neighborhood.  And to your state’s welfare rolls so you can foot the bill for them.

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