Reacting to French attack, Obama Calls for Stricter Truck-Control Laws

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In response to the Muslim terrorist attack that killed 84 people in Nice, France, Pres. Obama ordered a Marine Expeditionary Unit to deploy to southern France to help the French stem the tide of the Muslim invasion that is destroying their country. In addition to deploying the MEU Obama announced that the United States would no longer be silent about the threat of Islamic terrorism around the world.

Okay, he didn’t do that.

He did just what you would expect Barack Obama to do. He came forth with a meaningless gesture and ordered U. S. flags to be flown at half staff until Tuesday to “honor those killed in the terrorist attack.”

He couldn’t be bothered to mention that to U. S. citizens were murdered by the Muslim terrorist in that attack and he also couldn’t join with the French who have declared the attack to be an act of Islamic terror.

On behalf of the American people, I condemn in the strongest terms what appears to be a horrific terrorist attack in Nice, France, which killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and other loved ones of those killed, and we wish a full recovery for the many wounded. I have directed my team to be in touch with French officials, and we have offered any assistance that they may need to investigate this attack and bring those responsible to justice. We stand in solidarity and partnership with France, our oldest ally, as they respond to and recover from this attack.”

“Any assistance that they may need to investigate this attack…” doesn’t include helping the French to monitor mosques – including the brand-new mosque that the Saudis just built in Nice. It doesn’t include arresting and deporting known Islamic radicals. It might include sending James Comey to teach French interrogators how to avoid asking tough questions.

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Obama didn’t mention the fact that French gun laws need to be made more strict probably because the Muslim terrorist driving the truck only shot at police. And then there’s the fact that in France you virtually can’t buy or own a gun. But you can buy a truck.

Rumor has it that the president has the speech writers drafting a speech in French demanding tougher truck control. That would fall in line with lowering U. S. flags to half staff for three days. And, it would do the same amount of good fighting Islamic terrorism around the world.

In other news, Obama fired three of his speech writers because the condemnation of the truck accident in France only referred to Mr. Obama twice. After referring to himself 45 times in the speech at the memorial for the Dallas police officers murdered by the homegrown black terrorist Mr. Obama has standards to maintain.

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