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Putin Cleans House Old-School: Soviet-Style


Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, is gearing up to take one last shot at the U.S. while Barack Obama is in the Oval Office.  He’ll do it because he knows he can.

6 Vlad

Putin wants a Naval face-off with the West.  He reportedly ordered his commanders to push that and they backed off.  So far it’s just cost them their jobs.

In what is being described as a Stalin-style purge, Putin as removed up to 50 of his top Naval officers in the Baltic fleet.  So far it appears that Putin is a “kinder, gentler” version of Stalin who would have had their heads on stakes in front of the Kremlin.

The Russians have been sticking their thumbs in Barack Obama’s eyes for the last few years.  Here’s one example.

Those were Russian jets buzzing U.S. Navy destroyer USS Donald Cook.  They were making passes well inside 100 feet away from the destroyer.  Obama’s orders?  He was playing golf.

That’s the problem with our foreign policy under Obama / Clinton / Traitor, other nations – and Islamic terrorists – are playing for keeps and Barack is playing golf.

Syria.  Barack drew “red lines.”  Assad ignored them.  Obama played golf.  Syria is now a terminal mess in the Middle East and Islamic terrorists are using it as an excuse to flood “refugees into Europe” and into the U.S. with the help of Barack Obama and Paul Ryan.

Then there was the Ukraine.  Barack made all kinds of threats and Putin knew they were hollow.  Russia stormed into the Ukraine and today they own it.  Obama?  He’s more worried about his golf score.

Remember Hillary’s “Russian Reset”?

6 Vlad 1

You can expect a lot more of that if she replaces Obama.  And the world will continue to get more dangerous every day.


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