Where Are All the Protesters in Cleveland? No Riots?

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Cleveland was preparing for riots during the Republican National Convention.  In addition to making sure none of their police force was on vacation, hundreds of police officers from across the nation came to Cleveland to help out during the convention.

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They been pretty bored.

Every far left group in the country was rallying people to vote Cleveland and protest the nomination of Donald Trump who, according to them, hates women, hates black people, hates Mexicans, hates Muslims, hates gays, oh heck, he hates everybody.

Code Pink was there, the Revolutionary Communist Party was there, Organize Ohio was there and for all the hype they couldn’t even get themselves arrested.

And then there were the #NeverTrump Republicans who were expecting to make a big splash and overthrow Donald Trump. Other than Ted Cruz getting booed off the stage after his speech it didn’t appear they were there either.

So what in the world happened?

Will first of all it appears as though the police had an excellent strategy when it came to keeping people with opposing views separated. And they did their best to not arrest people for minor infractions. No arrests, no riots. No riots, no media.

It appears that what really happened is that the turnout on the streets could very well indicate that the “progressive left” is a very tiny fraction of America and even though they hate Donald Trump with a passion they’re just not motivated to get into the streets.

Here’s a hint, they won’t be motivated to vote in November either and those that do won’t be voting for Hillary.

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