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Was the President Behind SEAL Team 6 Being Shot Down? [VIDEO]


What really happened to SEAL Team 6 on August 6, 2011?

That day, in Afghanistan, Muslim terrorists shot down a CH-47 helicopter – Extortion 17 – that was moving the elite SEALTeam 6 along with some National Guard troops and a group of Afghani special forces. All of them were killed.

Then begin the strange dance of the Obama administration’s cover-up machine.

The black box from the helicopter mysteriously disappeared. Before the day was done all on board had been cremated. The administration said they were burned beyond recognition. The family members of the SEAL team say that virtually everything the most transparent administration in history has told them about the attack is an absolute lie.

Why would the administration lie?

Perhaps because the high-tech, heatseeking, shoulder fired missile that was launched from the top of a building was supplied by Barack Obama.

Was SEAL Team 6 – the guys who actually got bin Laden – on President Obama’s famous “hit list”?

What do you think happened to SEAL Team 6?


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