Pregnant Islamist leaves Airport Toilet ‘Slimmer,’ Astonishes Others By What She Left

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When you are sitting at an airport you’re usually bored out of your mind waiting for the plane to arrive. So, naturally, people couldn’t help but notice this Muslim woman enter the bathroom and exit a few minutes later with a noticeably HUGE size difference size in her stomach.

It didn’t take long for someone to spot the massacre that had taken place in the bathroom just moments before they’d entered. The police were called when the child was found still holding on for life in the toilet!

This heartless twenty-four-year-old mother strangled her baby with its umbilical cord before attempting to flush it down. She assumed the baby was already dead, but it was wedged in the pipe and five minutes later was STILL alive!


By the time the child was freed and taken to hospital at a specialist infant clinic in Munich, her body temperature had fallen to just 26 degrees.
Despite the traumatic birth, doctors managed to bring her back to health and she is now living with foster parents.

Medics said they have not been able to rule out whether or not the child will suffer complications in later life.
Prosecutor Klaus Kurtz told the court: ‘Instead of being honest and admitting what had happened, she has presented to this court four different versions of what happened.
‘This includes the absolute pinnacle of her lies, which was to say that she didn’t notice she had given birth.


I don’t care where you’re from mothers are supposed to do anything for their baby! Isn’t it a natural instinct to put your child’s life before your own?! What is wrong with people, how incredibly selfish. This “mother” was the daughter of devout Muslim parents. They would have murdered her if they’d found out about her pregnancy. So instead of fighting for her babies life she turned into a coward and made her newborn take her place.

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