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Perv Rubs His Privates On Young Child’s Face, What Happens Next OMG!


A subway rider who had obviously had her morning cup of coffee turned into a modern day superwoman when she helped catch a perverted teenager. The 17-year-old boy went up to an innocent 6-year-old girl and rubbed himself all over her face. Disgusted by what she saw the woman immediately snapped a picture of the pervert and dashed after him as he sprinted away from her.


On Monday afternoon, a woman spotted the suspect on a 2 train platform at 149th St. and Third Ave. in the Bronx, police said.

The woman snapped a picture, then ran outside and flagged down the first cop she saw, telling the officer she’d seen a wanted man, police said.

Officers arrested Christian Pena, 17, who lives just a few blocks from where the attack took place.

Pena has been arrested nine times, though most of those cases have been sealed, police sources said.

Good gosh, nine times!! Lock this kid up permanently, stuff like this scares young impressionable children and that poor girl will never get her innocence back. We need to stop being so considerate of criminals feelings and start caring more for the innocent victims. Pena was charged with sexual abuse, criminal sex act, and child endangerment.


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