One of Hillary’s Top VP Picks Says He’s Old, Stupid and Doesn’t Know How to Use Email

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If you’re Hillary Clinton running for the Democratic nominee for President of the United States who do you pick for a running mate? It’s got to be someone who can empathize with scandals like Benghazi, with deception like the Clinton Foundation, and the lies, like her emails. Well, it seems like there is someone with a little of that same experience and “corruption” – Tom Vilsack, the former governor of Iowa and President Barack Obama’s current Secretary of Agriculture.

Tom Vilsack was caught up in a 2004 scandal that resulted in emails being “inadvertently” destroyed. Vilsack partially blamed himself for destroying emails regarding the Iowa Department of Economic Development Foundation. The Des Moines Register had requested the emails.

cut-in-funding-does-not-undermine-us-meat-safety-agriculture-secretaryVilsack’s response to the controversy, rather ironically, mirrored Clinton’s response to her own email scandal: he basically said he was old and didn’t know how to use email.

“I’m 52 years old, and I don’t know much about technology,” Vilsack said at the time, according to The National Review. “I don’t even know how to send a response to an e-mail, that’s how technologically deficient I am.”

Interestingly enough, when lawyers with the group Judicial Watch deposed a foreign services officer at the State Department in March revealed Clinton didn’t actually know much about computers or email use.

“She says problem (sic) is HRC does not know how to use a computer to do emails — only Blackberry,” the officer wrote, referring to Clinton as HRC.

Vilsack was also found to have been using a non-public email account while working for the Obama administration.

Vilsack used the non-public email “[email protected]” to communicate with former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson — Jackson was also using a secret email account under the alias “Richard Windsor.” The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained the email chain in 2013.

WOW! Sounds like he could fit right in with the Clinton administration – another INCOMPETENT politician! That makes two old farts who don’t know how to use emails on multiple devices. Do you really want TWO incompetent people running our country? Isn’t ONE bad enough? 

What else? Oh right, Hillary worked with Vilsack’s brother-in-law on the Watergate committee. Ok, we can stop right there. That’s some good “juicy” history, if you ask me. Then of course, there’s Vilsack’s endorsement when he said he trusted Hillary’s character and said she was the “best candidate from my party to win this election”. Boy, that sure says a lot about the Democratic party now doesn’t it?

Guess we will all just have to wait another week before the Democratic National Convention when Hillary Clinton announces her running mate. Will it be Incompetent #1- Tom Vilsack? Incompetent #2 – Sen. Elizabeth Warren? or Incompetent #3 – Gov. Tim Kaine? 

It really doesn’t matter. Either way, with Clinton as president we’re all screwed with INCOMPETENCY! 



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