Obama’s Half-Brother Voting for…. WTH? Straight Outa’ Kenya

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That’s right, an Obama is voting for Trump. Not Barack, his half-brother Malik.


Malik Obama is the oldest of the Obama clan and he grew up in Africa. He moved to Maryland became a U. S. citizen and lived in Maryland where he worked as an accountant. He’s currently living in Kenya.

As it happens, there’s no love lost in the Obama family. Malik didn’t meet his younger brother Barack until 1985 and they haven’t had much to do with one another since. Malik has a charity named after his father that was formed in 2008 to help young people in Kenya go to college.

Apparently there were some problems during the startup because Malik didn’t register his nonprofit with the state of Virginia. He belatedly file for tax-exempt status, and because he was in a tea party organization it was granted quickly in 2011. There were rumors that Barack Obama stepped in to help get the IRS approval. Malik says that’s a lie.

“My brother didn’t help me at all. He wanted me to shut it down when I set it up. He has supported me at all.”

Malik has had it with his brother and Democrats and this year he supporting Donald Trump. He such an ardent supporter of Trump he glanced the fly from Kenya to Maryland to vote for Mister Trump. “Mister Trump is providing something new and fresh.”


I think Malik looks pretty good and his Make America Great Again Hat.

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