Obama Has Never Met With His Chief of Intelligence? Can it Be? [Video]

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It’s hard to imagine that the President of the United States appointed a figure two times to a high position in national security, and did NOT AT ALL meet with that person in his 7 years as president.  I’m sorry folks, the fact that President Obama did NOT ONCE meet with his Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency says a lot about him and his administration.

President Barack Obama twice appointed former Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn to key national security jobs in his administration, including as deputy director of national intelligence and later as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, yet he never once met with Flynn face to face.

President Obama was “surprised” at the rise of ISIS…and Gen. Flynn’s information did NOT fit the narrative:

The general, who spent 33 years in the intelligence field, told The Daily Caller News Foundation he was never called in for a face-to-face meeting with Obama to offer his assessment of ISIS as it rampaged through the Middle East, or during the political  meltdown of Libya and Egypt, or on Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear bomb, or of the “Russian reset” that ended in shambles.

In four years, Flynn was never invited to brief the president on any kind of intelligence issue. Ever.

“Here is the crux of my relationship with Obama,” Flynn told TheDCNF in a wide ranging interview Tuesday. “Here I am, running one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world. He appoints me twice — one as the assistant director of national intelligence and one as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. I’m also his senior intelligence officer. And I had almost five years in combat.”

He paused, then said, “I never met with him once.”

We all know what happened. The message didn’t fit the White House narrative and it didn’t support Obama’s reelection. Obama needed to “look” like he at least had control over ISIS or the “JV team”. The narrative to the public couldn’t be that he was an idiot. It couldn’t be that he was an American/Muslim ignoring the top intelligence officer(s) because Obama was only concerned with the message from another American/Muslim, Valerie Jarrett, his “trusted one”. They BOTH ignored ISIS and all the intel that said ISIS was a threat.

Intel starts at the top. The President sets the priorities. It was NOT a priority for Obama or Jarrett to defeat ISIS or Radical Islamic Terrorism.

There is one candidate running for president that DOES value what Lt. General Michael Flynn has to say about the threat of ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorism. That candidate is the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. Trump met with Lt. General Flynn on several occasions and Flynn was on Trump’s short list of candidates for Vice President.

What did Lt. General Flynn have to say about Donald Trump? 

Flynn said he’s “very refreshing”, “really thought deeply about the issues of America and its relationships around the world. And also about America,”…”and I found him to be a very strong, dynamic leader. And I think that’s why he is so attractive to so many people in this country right now.”

“Trump has a bigger, longer-term vision for this country than just sitting as a President for four years. He really does. And that’s what I was impressed by,” Flynn told TheDCNF.

One thing’s for certain. Trump has his priorities for national security in the right place. Control the borders. Stop illegal immigration. Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism.

What did Lt. General Flynn have to say about the other presumptive presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton? 

“She is somebody that you get the impression that she’s got some other hidden agenda,” “there is some other hidden agenda there that doesn’t necessarily have the best interest of the country. Something else is going on.”

He pointed to Clinton’s “Russian reset” as one of her biggest failures. The reset was an initiative from Clinton in an effort to restore positive relations with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

“The Russian reset was a complete failure. That was her sort of baby. She lacked the understanding of how Russia deals on the global stage and how Russia deals with people, personalities and also on nation-on nation, and the way they see us,” Flynn said.

“She went into it with a level of arrogance and a lack of understanding.”

Now tell me, from someone who has been at the top of the Department of National Intelligence, after those statements, which of the two candidates do you want running our country?

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