Obama Goes off His Meds

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I used to think Barack Obama lived in a different world. Not long after he ascended to office I change that to “a different planet.” After last week I’ve upped that to “a different universe,” and since he still got six months in office I’ve got to do some research this afternoon to find out what’s bigger than the universe.

Obama is on a last gasp world tour to demonstrate just how smart he is, or at least how smart he thinks he is, and he capped it off yesterday in Munich with a speech that should win some kind award. Maybe another Nobel Peas Prize.

After years of slaughter coordinated by “The JV Team,” a “refugee crisis” engineered by middle east Islamicists to justify an invasion of Europe and eventually America, and unprecedented terrorist acts coordinated by Muslims across the West Barack Obama had the gall to stand before “world leaders” and say this:

“So it is worth reminding ourselves of how lucky we are to be living in the most peaceful, most prosperous, most progressive era in human history.

“Because the world has never been less violent, healthier, better educated, more tolerant, with more opportunity for more people, and more connected than it is today,”

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“The most peaceful.” I addressed that above and let me note that were putting more troops back into Iraq as Obama leaves office. They just won’t be as well led as they were in 2008 because Obama has replaced warrior generals with a group of Social Justice Warriors.

“Most prosperous.” In the U. S. we’ve been through the most anemic postrecession recovery in the history of the nation. We seen more people leave the workforce than ever and the percentage of people actually working is at the lowest point since Jimmy Carter was president. People in the U. S. have given up looking for jobs because Obama’s war on the economy has strangled business and no jobs are being created.

“Healthier.” In the U. S. while ObamaCare has added to the number of people who are “insured” they can afford to use it because of the high deductibles and co-pays. Barack Obama’s signature initiative – ObamaCare – is quickly destroying medical care in the U. S.

“Better educated.” Tell that the college graduates, many with graduate degrees, who can only find work at places like Starbucks because they’re “college education” turned out to be four years of mindnumbing social justice drivel that left him unprepared for the real world. Today, most college graduates leave college knowing nothing worthwhile and buried under a mountain of student loan debt thanks to “progressive” faculty and administrators and Barack Obama’s Department of Education.

I could go on but you get the idea.

Barack Obama and his elite ilk live in a different universe than the rest of us.

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