Obama Demands Globalist Fix for “Chronic Violence” Caused by Primitives. Right

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President Obama gathered a room full of foreign ambassadors last week and lectured them on violence. He referred to it as “chronic violence.” He reverted to his days at the University of Chicago where he was a temporary employee who taught an occasional law class. As his presidency draws to a close Obama is spending more and more time lecturing and less and less time “doing.” Of course, given his track record that’s probably not a bad thing.

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He made reference to the Muslim terrorist attack in Nice, France and the murders of police officers in the U. S.

Rather than suggesting the communities and individuals take responsibility for their actions he demanded that global elites should speak out.

According to Obama the problem is, in his words, “tribes.” A “tribe” is any group that comes together for pretty much any reason. His solution is that “tribes” must subordinate themselves to the greater authority of a single globalist power that knows more and cares more than they do.

Obama brought his worn-out drums with him and beat them to the delight of the assembled ambassadors. He criticized those who would oppose open borders and unlimited immigration, and he praise on Islam.

“Islam is a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion.” The president of the United States actually said that despite overwhelming evidence that “moderate Muslims” in the U. S. and France have butchered hundreds of innocent people just this year for the front of not being Muslim.

Obama did a drumroll about the Middle East, saying “we will defeat these ideologies by offering a better vision of development and economic progress, so people, especially young people, have more hope and opportunity and are less susceptible to extremism and violence in the first place.”

The president failed to note that in the 1,400 years since the pedophile Mohamed founded the cult of Islam, Muslims have yet to be known for anything but attacking and butchering their neighbors and enslaving their women.

The president insisted that the idea that American should have their own unique culture and nation was repugnant. He denounced the concept of immigration quotas and allegiance to a nation. Obama’s goal is to transfer power from individual nations to international organizations run by elites who, because they’re “elite” obviously know better than the peasants.


It would appear that Barack Obama wants world governance transferred to the United Nations and expects that he would be swept up by the “people of the world” as the leader of the new, empowered UN and he could fulfill his destiny.  To rule the world.

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