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In the New Muslim Britain, Walking Your Dog in Public is Frowned Upon.


Residents in Britain have been asked to refrain from walking their dogs in public because it offends the Muslim community.

Flyers were distributed in Manchester that called for a public ban on dogs. They keep the area “pure for Muslims”.

Local residents turned to social media in outage posting pictures of the flyers that encouraged citizens to make sure the Muslim community feels save and that their living space remains pure!

Residents in Britain have been asked to refrain from walking their dogs in public because it offends the Muslim community.

Breitbart reports:

The leaflet explains that, in a “multicultural nation”, British residents must “learn to understand and respect” the culture of Muslims living alongside them.

The leaflets are apparently being distributed by a campaign group called Public Purity, who on their website have called for the British people to “agree to some things that might make them feel uncomfortable”, in order for Muslims to feel “truly welcomed”.

The website sets out the group’s goal of a ban on dogs in all public spaces, including “restaurants, common areas and of course public transportation” to allow Muslims to remain pure. As dogs are considered to be impure by Islam, some Muslims hold they cannot be kept as pets or even touched.

The website itself says:

“If dogs are not permitted to be present in public, Muslims could live their lives with a burden lifted from their shoulders and without having to fear being tainted with no fault of their own,”

Insanity at its finest!

Speculation surrounds the flyers. Are they a false flag designed to cause discord? Are they from a single source? Are they from a Muslim organization? Who knows.

What we do know is that they fit the narrative that we we should all conform so that others are not offended by anything. It does fit the narrative that we should change our lifestyles to fit the Muslim people. It does fit the narrative that the Muslim leadership seems to want us as well as other western nations to change the laws to be Sharia compliant. It does fit the narrative that ‘Sharia patrols’ have been preaching in British cities over the last few years, attempting to “place bans on the activities of locals in the name of Islam.”

Who knows!

Here is the flyer:












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