Move Over Vince Foster. Another Clinton Witness Dies … Suspiciously.


John Ashe was an interesting man. He was a UN ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda and had been the head of the UN General assembly. He was also facing criminal charges in a federal bribery case in the U. S.

His death was initially called a heart attack.

The most interesting part of John Ashe’s life had nothing to do with the UN, rather it was his involvement with a Chinese businessman in the 90s that is the real eyebrow raiser. Ashe was involved with a Chinese businessman who managed to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars – illegally – into the Democratic National Committee during Bill Clinton’s first run for the presidency. He was never charged. As a matter of fact the whole affair was swept under the rug by Bill Clinton’s Justice Department.

2 Clinton 1

Ashe was due in court to face bribery charges on the Monday after he died. It’s not known if he was trying to cut a deal with federal prosecutors to give up information about the Clinton’s Chinese money connection, but what we do know is that the initial diagnosis of a heart attack was wrong. Ashe died when a weight lifting bar fell on his neck while he was doing bench presses.

I know lots of people who lift weights. I don’t know anybody who does bench presses all by themselves with no spotter. There are lots of machines that will let you do bench presses safely, heavy weights on a free bar is an invitation to end up like John Ashe. Dead.

Is his death suspicious, I don’t know I suppose we could ask Vince Foster.

15-0318 Vince Foster

Oh, right.

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