Media Hides Horrifying Thing Escaped Sex Slave Discovered In Refugee Camp

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How many times have you heard leftists say that terrorists are not entering the US, then give some crappy excuse that they are just innocent refugees fleeing the country for “safety” when they are really the ones causing harm in America. These people are intolerant and this former sex slave has proof that liberals are scrambling to hide. Democrats lie, stretch the truth, and hide facts, here is just another unfortunate story to add their list. The horrors of the refugee camps are no longer hidden, but, is there anything we can do about it?

Risking her life once again, an escaped Yazidi sex slave of the Islamic State has come forward to reveal the shocking truth about what she witnessed while living in a refugee camp in Baden, Germany, completely obliterating every lie the left has perpetuated about the refugee crisis.
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On July 19, Ahlul Bayt News Agency broke the testimony of a Kurdish Yazidi woman who was held by an ISIS militant as his personal sex slave. After 4 months of daily sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, the young woman escaped and later made her trek to Germany as a refugee.

Accepted into a Baden camp, she believed that she had finally evaded the horrors of ISIS and their Muhammadan sex slavery and was safe amongst victims of war like herself. However, she had to do a double-take when she spotted her captor at a local market. The same ISIS militant man who held her as a sex slave is now living as a refugee with his family in Baden.

Al-Alam reports that the shocked and terrified Yazidi woman immediately went to the police and notified them that the ISIS jihadist in living in the city. According to Abu Shuja’a Dinayi, an activist dedicated to freeing Yazidi women from ISIS, the woman hasn’t recovered from seeing her abuser.


Unfortunately, considering that Germany and other European countries allow Muslims to return after fighting for ISIS, this man and his family will probably never be brought to justice. In fact, why would leftist authorities care about the former sexual abuse of an innocent woman when they protect child rapists within their own asylum centers?

Mad World News reports that a 3-year-old girl was raped by a 40-year-old Muslim refugee in a Swedish asylum center. However, when police went to arrest the man, camp workers refused to give any information regarding the man or his whereabouts. Police soon found that he had been quickly relocated to another camp in order to hide him from authorities and that the Swedish Migration Board attempted to cover up the rape to thwart his arrest and deportation.
When a 10-year-old refugee was raped by Muslim asylum seekers in another center in Sweden, she was shocked to find that the aid workers wanted her to remain silent. The child gave an interview, stating that the volunteers not only refused to call the police but told her that these attacks happen all the time and that is was just “small stuff.” The victim was forced to come forward after workers tried to cover up the sexual assault.

At a refugee camp in Suhl, Germany, a 4-year-old boy was brutally attacked by a Muslim migrant for interrupting a soccer session. When the child ran out on the court and kicked the ball, a refugee beat the boy “several times in the face” and later picked up a rock and threw it at his head. The child was rushed to the hospital for severe swelling and “massive bruising.”

Of course, how can we expect self-hating leftists to defend the innocent when they won’t even seek justice for their own abuse? In fact, one liberal Swedish woman had to be convinced to go to police after she was gang raped by Muslim refugees because she feared they would be deported. A German open borders activist chose to hide her rape by Muslim migrants because she didn’t want to fuel “racism” and “more hatred against migrants in Germany.”

What this poor woman went through as a sex slave is hard enough to recover from but then you add this to her plate? ! Not only are liberals putting American lives at risk they are ignoring the facts that are right in front of them. Our country has become a place of civil unrest, our leader a tyrant who is leading the very people who are tearing the United States apart, and the people are blind to it all. What is it going to take to wake everyone up from this nightmarish daydream?! Obviously, a bomb won’t even do the trick because proof is staring them in the face and they don’t even blink.

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