Man, Nearly Beheaded By ISIS Thug, Says He Understands Why He Did It!

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I’m sorry but this man has a new kind of stupidity I’ve never seen before! This ISIS-inspired knife attack occurred in London, and the victim is “not traumatized” by what happened, he is sympathetic toward the attacker. Good gosh what has our liberal world come to?! Lyle Zimmerman had his neck slashed with a rusty blade and his side of the story isn’t about being non-judgemental, or having forgiveness, it’s about a political agenda.

‘It happened, but it doesn’t have much to do with who I am’.
Mr Zimmerman was on his way to a a gig with one of his bands, the Snakeoil Rattlers, when he was targeted on December 5.
He waived his anonymity after Mire was convicted last month of the shocking knife attack on him.

The Somalian-born 30-year-old, who had images of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby on his phone, will be sentenced on July 27.
He is currently at Broadmoor, the secure psychiatric hospital.
Discussing his attacker, Mr Zimmerman said he viewed him simply as a ‘really unwell guy’.


He told The Guardian: ‘I don’t see Mr Mire as emblematic of immigration or religion. I’m OK, and he’s nobody’s martyr. I think that’s a great civil society outcome.
‘I can’t think of any reason he chose me, and when he jumped me I was unclear whether I’d been stabbed or punched.

‘I turned my head and caught a glimpse of a man and then I don’t remember anything until I was on the ground getting my head kicked in. I covered my head and remember thinking, “Hey, this doesn’t hurt too bad.” He must have knocked me out with the next kick.’

He was unconscious by the time the sawing started, leaving his necklace in a pool of his own blood.

The minicab driver then threatened a number of other bystanders with his knife before being tasered by police.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Zimmerman, who is campaigning on climate change, added: ‘Hopefully the guy gets a secure hospital stay and a lot of help with his mental health issues.


‘Here’s the thing: nobody died. nobody’s a martyr. There won’t be any copy-cats on this incident, and yes, I’m fine.’
In a previous interview he said it was Britain’s restrictions on gun sales which helped prevent a much worse atrocity happening on the night of his attack.
On Facebook today he reaffirmed that view, writing: ‘I luckily live in a country with robust gun control. The guy had a bread knife, which broke off on my thick neck – he didn’t have an assault rifle.

The victim must have lost many of his brain cells when he was kicked in the head. Yes, Lyle, most cereal killers are mentally unwell, that doesn’t mean when they sneak into our country we should be a fooled and invite them in or PAY for their mental health care. Then he says there won’t be any more “copy-cats”?! WHAT?! Has he not been watching the news? Just curious, who does he think has been performing all of these terrorist attacks if not for ISIS? Some people are too stupid for their own good.

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