At Least Hillary’s IT Guy Isn’t Dead… Yet

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Where is Brian Pagliano? You might even say who is Brian Pagliano? Will it just so happens he’s the guy who set up Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server in the bathroom of her New York home. It also turns out that he’s the only person in the entire Clinton email scandal who got an immunity deal from the FBI that protects him from prosecution. The big question is what does Brian know?

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Federal prosecutors only offer immunity when they think someone has unique information that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Why did they give Pagliano community? That he demanded showed he had a reasonable fear of prosecution but because the immunity deal has been kept under wraps we don’t know from what.

Pagliano had a relatively ordinary tech job at the State Department but he was pulling down a six-figure salary. In addition to that, an unknown to his supervisors at the State Department, he was being paid in cash, on the side, by the Clinton family. Reportedly the cash payments from Hillary were made so that Pagliano would maintain Hillary’s illegal server.

Hillary Clinton’s problems with email art over yet. The State Department is reportedly looking into how Clinton and her top aides handled classified information and a federal judge in Washington is deciding whether Hillary should be deposed under oath by Judicial Watch, a watchdog group that has done more to expose the Clinton crime family that all the congressional investigations put together.

Apparently there are senators who want to get Brian Pagliano in front of a Senate committee and under oath. They been trying for a year to no avail but now that he has an immunity deal with the Justice Department there shouldn’t be anything that keeps him from testifying.

Anything, that is, except the memory of Vince Foster.

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It’s never been clear why Pagliano was hired at the State Department. He came in as a grade 15 civil service employee and was making substantially more than career diplomats like those who were killed at Benghazi. It’s interesting that his State Department bosses never really knew what he did for the State Department but questioning him about his duties were apparently off-limits.

No one is quite sure who Brian Pagliano is or what he did except that he was up to his ears working with the Clinton crime family.

His testimony could be very interesting and very damaging to Hillary Clinton.

His immunity deal with the FBI may save him from prosecution by the Justice Department but it won’t save him from retribution from Hillary.  Just ask Vince Foster.

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Oh, right.

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