Lady’s Leg Permanently Disfigured From Massive Sores, Warns Women About Common Habit

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After developing nasty sores on her legs this woman decided to speak out and warn others of the dangers many women face. She has to carry these scars with her forever so, in an attempt to prevent others from following in her footsteps she is warning them about the habit that caused it all, and unfortunately, many women partake in this guilty pleasure.


Samantha Payne of Henrico, Virginia claims that she went to what used to be known as Red Nails of T & I for a relaxing pedicure. Although everything seemed to go just fine, she’d later learn what she had inadvertently taken along with her from the salon.

When Samantha Payne went into her local nail salon for a pedicure, she was likely looking for a relaxing, cleansing experience.
NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

But several weeks after she left the salon, she found herself in excruciating pain as lesions began to form all over her legs.

As 12 On Your Side reports, Payne was diagnosed with a skin-attacking bacterial infection, a cutaneous mycobacterial infection, which had caused the lesions.

The treatment for the infection required Payne to endure several painful surgeries and left her with scarring on both of her legs.

And it’s all because the nail salon failed to properly clean the foot basin.

According to podiatrist Robert Spalding, who spoke to US News in 2014, around 75 percent of nail salons in the United States do not follow state regulations on sanitizing products and foot basins. When it comes to foot basins in particular, The Huffington Post notes that it is difficult to clean them in a short period of time—they need to be completely drained, scrubbed thoroughly, and disinfected for at least ten to twenty minutes.

Kay Kendrick, the chairman of the Georgia Board of Cosmetology, uses a disturbing analogy to explain the effects of failing to properly sanitize a foot basin:

“If they don’t do it properly, it would be the equivalent of you going into a public hot tub that had never been disinfected.”
And according to Athena Elliott, a nail technician for over thirty years, the “potential for infection is greater than people realize.” As HuffPo reports:

“[Foot basins] are a breeding ground for mycobacterium (which can produce boils), warts, MRSA (hard to cure infections), athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, HPV and swine flu virus. All of those issues thrive in a warm, wet environment.”
So how can pedicure lovers minimize their risk of infection?

Ask technicians how they sanitize their products.
Check out the salon’s general cleanliness.

Just another reason not to pay stupid amounts of money on your nails. It makes your hands look nice sure, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time getting in better shape? Let’s face it no one ever said she’s beautiful because she has nice nails. Skip the nasty nail salon and get a pair of running shoes instead! If you must have a mani/pedi, though, look for the salon’s licensing documents and the technician’s license. Don’t shave for twenty-four hours prior to and after getting a pedicure. If you’d rather not listen to any of this advice then you have a chance in filing a million dollar lawsuit like this woman.

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