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“I Know – Let’s Blame the RUSSIANS!!” You Know How Stupid Dem Voters Are!” [VIDEO]


Robbie Mook is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and on Sunday he cooked up a conspiracy theory with CNN’s Jake Tapper that makes the JFK assassination theories look like a series of bedtime stories.

Tapper asked Mook about the WikiLeaks release of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails indicating that the DNC was working overtime to help Hillary Clinton and to stop Bernie Sanders.

Mook listen to the question with a stupid grin on his face and then started his answer out by pretending he had no idea that the DNC was helping Hillary’s campaign. Then he transitioned into tales from Never Never Land.

“I don’t think it’s coincidental that these emails were released on the eve of our convention here.” When Tapper pressed Mook for evidence that the Russians were behind the hacking or that they were working with the Trump campaign Mook resorted to “it’s important to wait and let the experts speak on this.”

It’s an absolutely outrageous charge that the Russians would work with Donald Trump. After all, they already own Hillary Clinton.

4 Russians 1

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