Judge Frees Islamist Molesters, Girls In Tears At What They See The Men Do Next…

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Muslim men were convicted of enjoying mass sex attacks that resulted in the assault of hundreds of woman on New Year’s Eve. Once they were found guilty the judge let them go with a light slap on the hand and told them not to do it again, with probation as a “punishment”. Once the girls saw their molesters walk free they knew EXACTLY what the judge had just done.

Hussain and Hassan (last names withheld because liberals wanted to protect these terrible men) were convicted of one of the worst mass sex attacks in Western history. Hussain actually licked a girls face while forcing her to kiss him.


“We see that as sexual assault,” said Judge Gerd Krämer. “He forced the victim to accept the kiss and lick.”
Hassan, a 26-year-old from Algeria, was also convicted and given a one-year suspended sentence for participating in a sex attack with a group of 20 men on two female victims. As the group sexually assaulted the young women, he reportedly screamed, “Give me the girls, give me the girls or you’re dead.”

Although the judge admitted that the Muslim migrants had acted like “animals” and watched as their victims broke down crying when describing the sexual assaults, Judge Krämer decided that they would both walk free from the courtroom. It was then that the traumatized young women saw their attackers further add to their torment.


The pair of Muslim migrants walked free from the courthouse Thursday smiling and cheering to humiliate their victims, quite the change from the men’s pathetic groveling before the liberal judge. The pair were seen exiting court, laughing and holding up victory signs in celebration. “I apologize for what happened,” Hussain said, almost confused as to why his victims would still want justice.

Jennifer W., one 27-year-old victim, sobbed as she gave her testimony, which seemed to draw no sympathy from the judge. She described being groped on her buttocks and then fondled by another man while a third perpetrator stole money from her purse. Jennifer recalls hearing her friend Lena S. screaming “No! No! No!” while she too was being attacked. The pair was hoping that at least one of her attackers would receive punishment but was only further humiliated by the judge’s shameful decision.

Judge Krämer’s actions prove three disturbing things — that migrant lawbreakers have a special privilege, that they cannot be screened, and that the left will stop at nothing to silence the victims for the sake of multiculturalism.

The media are reporting that German parliament is tightening up on national laws in legislation dubbed “No Means No,” but what good will more laws do for those who insist on breaking the law, especially when they get to go free.

In reality, the bill will regard any non-consensual sex act punishable as a crime. Previously, only victims who could prove that they used physical resistance against their attacker could find justice, Gatestone Institute explains. Now, simply saying “no” will suffice as proof that the act was non-consensual. However, the bill will only potentially make it easier for victims to file criminal complaints but will not prevent attacks.

The facts are horrifying and only prove how seriously unprotected people are. In Germany, only a tenth of the rapes that occur are actually reported and as few as 8% of rape trials end with a conviction. With these numbers, it seems as if the justice system is protecting the people assaulting these women, not protecting the victims. Why report someone if nothing happens to the guilty party? That’s just begging to be hurt again if you ask me, you piss the man off that raped you, and then he is set free to harass you again. This makes absolutely no sense at all, but, this is Obama’s America where stupidity is the new norm.

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