John Kerry: Turkey Airport Massacre Proves We Have ISIS on the Run… WTF?


The traitor Secretary of State John Kerry made a speech about the airport bombing in Turkey. Use the time to pat himself in his boss on the back for their “relentless” pursuit of ISIS.

He didn’t take the time to note a couple of important facts. First of all, all the cities he mentioned were under the control of the Iraqi government when his boss refused to negotiate a status of forces agreement with the government of Iraqi and pulled all U. S. military personnel out. Both Obama and Joe Biden were making speeches at that time about how Iraq was going to be the foreign policy centerpiece of Barack Obama’s legacy.

They were right. Obama pulled the troops and Muslim terrorists took over the state. Iraqi is a centerpiece of Barack Obama’s legacy. Failure.

In addition Kerry is blathering about getting at the root causes of global terrorism. Please note that he did it without ever mentioning Muslims or Islam. Just like his boss.

Kerry likes to show off his Yale education by quoting the pacifist Henry David Thoreau. Here’s a hint Mr. Traitor. If you want to stop Muslim terrorism quote this guy.

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