John Kerry Gets Smacked down Hard by… CNN? Yeah, CNN! [VIDEO]

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John Kerry made the rounds of the Sunday shows today and – surprise surprise – made a complete fool of himself.

That was John Kerry noting that ISIS is “on the run.” Nevermind the recent terrorist attacks all over the world, those are just proof that ISIS isn’t losing and is desperate. He forgot to mention that they were the JV team.

“They are on the run, and I believe what we are seeing are the desperate actions of an entity that sees the news closing around them.”

And then Jake Tapper showed up with a baseball bat. “Well, with all due respect sir, I’m not sure it looks that way to the public.” And then ran down a list of hundreds of dead in just the past month.

John Kerry then did his best Bill Clinton imitation, “… it depends on the definition of ISIS.”

Did I mention that John Kerry is an idiot? At least he fits in well with the collection of clowns that Barack Obama is betting his legacy on.

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