Islamists Behead Pastor, Leave Horrifying Item Under Her Severed Head

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How many times have we heard Obama say the Islam is the religion of peace and would never encourage their followers to assist in acts of violence? Yet we see terrifying sacrifices like this made to Allah every day. You look terrorism on the internet and you find one too many reasons to believe that the “religion of peace” is the biggest load of sh**t to have ever come out of someone’s mouth.

While a group of “peacekeeping” Muslims were strolling by a church they overheard something they would not tolerate. A female Christian pastor was giving a sermon instead of her husband. This terrorist gang burst into the church and made an example out of her in front of the entire congregation. They beheaded her, what they stuffed inside her body was the biggest form of disrespect I’ve ever seen.

The woman, the eyewitness said was lying in the pool of her own blood with her Bible, cell phone and megaphone kept beside her lifeless body.

The head of the local vigilante in the area who simply identified himself as Mr. Sam, told our correspondent that he saw a very deep cut on her stomach, hips and leg.

In his words, “She was not just stabbed, I feel if she was stabbed, we would at least have met her gasping for breath. But when we arrived her place because we heard someone shouting blood of Jesus repeatedly, she was already gone. The community has two points of entry and we were asked to close one of the entries because a meeting was to be held in the morning. So, we were there doing that around 5am when Muslims were going for prayers and the Christians who went for vigil were returning.

“This is a woman who preaches every morning. She always admonishes people to repent and that the kingdom of God is at hand.

“We heard someone shouting the blood of Jesus and we noticed that the rate at which the person was calling the blood of Jesus was too much. But before we got there, she was in the pool of her blood.”

The corpse was later taken to Phase Four Police Station for further investigations.

Initial reports had identified the deceased as a member of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatics Revival Ministry, but SIGNAL visited The Lord’s Chosen Charismatics Revival Ministry in Kubwa and nobody could identify her as a member of that church. Further investigations by our correspondent revealed she was a member of Divine Touch Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Leftists are advocating for the death of their own beliefs. Devout Muslims who have read the Quran are still modeling the same practice of murder, rape, etc, that their prophet Muhammed did until the day he died. The Nigerian newspaper reported that Eunice Elisha, mother of 7, started her usual sermon, when, the Muslim’s overheard her “spreading mischief” according to their morbid Quran. They took offense that she was a woman and that she was spreading Christan beliefs. Does that sound like a reason to sharpen your knives and burst into a peaceful sanctuary? To make matters worse the residents in Kubwa, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, have consistently complained about the horrible security situation in the area. They have called on the government to come to their aid many times with no response.

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