Islamist Horrifies Public, Describes 9-Year-Old Girl’s Privates With 2 Absolutely SICK Words

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You know those rants on social media that get people with different opinions really heated? This was one of those times. A spat on twitter between an infidel and a “moderate” Muslim is going viral. The unfortunate subject took a major turn for the worse when the Muslim man smiled as he wrote two horrifying words about a nine-year-old’s vagina.

During a Tuesday afternoon Twitter rant, a woman going by @Naddzy2012 claiming to be a normal everyday Muslim, alleged that a 9 year-old’s vagina is actually designed to have sex!

The woman claimed that “pedophilia is without permission and marriage.” Therefore, sex with a child is apparently okay if the child agrees to it. She continued to explain that loads of children under the age of 16 have sex nowadays, and that’s not rape.
When one Twitter user told her that “A 9y old vagina is not designed to have sex,” she stated, “How do you know? Have you been near 1. Obviously is. Read up on human biology. If a child at 9 can menstruate and get pregnant what makes you think she’s not designed for it?”



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Radical Islam isn’t really radical, so much as it’s ‘traditional.’ These individuals choose follow every word of the Quran, and by doing so, they’ve demonstrated that Sharia Law isn’t compatible in the western world.

The Islamic religion is so perverted! This just demonstrates the major issue with the “religion of peace” and the modern world. There is no place for these barbaric people who defend rape, what a nightmare.

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