Islamic Toddler Found In Pieces, Cops Startled By What’s In His Photo

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A young 3-year-old boy of an Arab Muslim family was found in pieces on the ground. When police arrived at the gruesome scene they were horrified by what they discovered in the families home after they found the young child’s body. It explained everything they needed to know…

They found pictures of their children posing with weapons.

A Muslim family in western Sweden went to Syria, joined ISIS and let their children pose with weapons until one of them died of having triggered a grenade he was playing with. Now the family has “escaped” back to Sweden again.


It was 2015 in the western Swedish Muslim family decided to move from Sweden with the children to Islamic state territories in Syria.

SVT News West has published pictures showing how the family’s three-year-old son posing with weapons, a son who finally died after handling a grenade in the family home. Pictures show then how the boy’s mother – an Arab in a niqab – three-year-bury in Syria.


This child’s death is proof of how unsafe Islamic refugees can be. As sad as it is that there are innocent refugees trying to escape the country full of terror, there is no way to tell which Islamic migrants would do this sort of thing. Even the so-called “moderate-Muslims” have indoctrinated their children with these terrorist attributes. We can’t chance our safety and our children’s safety for a few rare refugees that really wouldn’t do us any harm, it’s not worth the risk of American lives.

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