Islamic Scumb bag Designs ‘Beheading T-Shirts,’ Never Saw THIS Coming

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A Muslim man thought he had a bright idea to sell Islamic terror shirts. The shirt made light of Muslims beheading the infidels. This man was simply following the Qurans Directive “when you meet the unbelievers, strike at the necks” (47:4)


Note also that he assumed that there would be a ready market in Spain and Portugal for this Islamic State apparel, and he was right.

“Spaniard held for selling jihad beheading T-shirts,” The Local, August 12, 2015:

A Spanish man has been arrested for inciting terrorism after selling clothing, including T-shirts and babygrows, depicting Islamic State executions.
The man, from Narón, a town in the northwestern region of Galicia, was arrested on Tuesday evening by officers from Spain’s National Police on charges of “inciting jihadist terrorism” and “humiliating the victims of terrorism”.

The man owned a shop, which also operated online, that distributed material related to Islamic State all over Spain and Portugal, according to Spain’s Interior Ministry, which added that the man was also accused of inciting terrorism.

Material sold in the shop included T-shirts bearing pictures of Isis executions, as well as other items of clothing that featured emblems of Isis, as well as the organization Harakat Sham al Islam – a jihadist group that has been active during the Syrian civil war.

The man, who was active on social media, often displayed radical views in line with various terrorist organizations that could, according to Spanish authorities, incite others to commit terrorist acts.

According to Spain’s Interior Ministry, the man published an image of the execution of British aid worker, Alan Henning. Isis released a video of the former taxi-driver’s beheading on October 3rd 2014.

This just proves how stupid these people are! Did he think nothing would happen if he sold ISIS propaganda online?! With every convert or child born into Islam these violent teachings of the Quran are continued and will keep expanding until l we bring an end to this madness.

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