Is This Hillary’s “Saturday Night Massacre”?

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Judge Andrew Napolitano at Fox News had some harsh judgments for Hillary Clinton.  In addition to all of her other potential legal problems she may have committed perjury in a sworn statement to the judge handling her email problems.

According to Napolitano the judge, Emmet Sullivan – appointed to the Federal bench by Bill Clinton, asked that Hillary swear “under penalty of perjury” that she had handed over all of her governmental emails to the State Department.

Napolitano says every attorney on earth knows that is “a code phrase for ‘I think you’re lying to me.'”

As we know, Hillary said she only deleted “personal” emails.  Things like recipes (what the heck would she do with a recipe?) and yoga.  Turns out that was a – prepare to be shocked – lie.

Huma Abedin discussed an email that was “belatedly” found where she warned Hillary that the server had been hacked and staffers were disabling State Department security features to accommodate Hillary’s home brew server sitting in the bathroom of her Long Island estate.

Perjury is ANOTHER felony to add to the growing stack.

Napolitano also addressed what might happen if the Department of Justice refuses to indict.  He predicted a “Saturday Night Massacre” of resignations like Richard Nixon faced when he fired a special prosecutor during Watergate.

He also predicted major leaks from FBI agents involved in the investigation.

The bigger question – that no one is asking – is, will Obama pardon Hillary before the Department of Justice makes a decision about indictment public?  That would remove the case from courts.  It also could have the effect of destroying anything that could be left of Obama’s “legacy.”

It’s going to be a long, very hot summer and the heat has nothing to do with “global warming.”

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