Immigrant Bans Officers From Dining At His Restaurant, Immediately Regrets It

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The liberal media has influenced the minds of many and this restaurant owner is one of them! When this immigrant saw cops walk into his restaurant he became irate (must have been missing some brain cells). He rudely told the officers that they were not welcomed there and the community didn’t want them there either then, asked them to spread the message. Almost as soon as those words left his mouth he regretted them.


I understand a business owner has a right to refuse service if he wants to…….I also understand that as customers we all have the right to find some other restaurant to take our lunch break in.
Notice how he said that he understood that the store owner had the right an they had the right to take their business somewhere else, and didn’t sue over it (see GAYSTAPO STRIKES: Colorado Baker Ordered to ‘Bake Gay Wedding Cakes. Or None At All.’ and Gaystapo Strikes Again: Christian Bakery Fined For Reasons You Won’t Believe…).

Since the social media posting, the public backlash has been swift, with angry calls and posts aimed directly at the establishment. Now the owners claim it was a “misunderstanding.”

The father and son who own Lucky Teriyaki insist the whole issue is the result of a very big misunderstanding due to poor English skills. Sheriff Will Reichardt wrote in a Facebook post Thursday that the situation completely took him by surprise.
Someone is going to call me a racist for saying this, but methinks “misunderstanding” due to “poor English skills” has less to do with their regret than the vicious public backlash. Because within hours of Skagit Sheriff’s posting of the event on Facebook, the calls for boycott were reaching fever pitch. Also, this seems rather cut and dry here:

The owner’s son said he told the deputies in very broken English that they made the other customers “uncomfortable.” “Police not welcome here,” is how they now believe it was received by the deputies.

Chen said she explained to the man and his son that the chief deputy followed up with a phone call.

“Didn’t you understand that they were giving you a chance to straighten this out?” Chen asked in Mandarin.

The son says he didn’t understand the questions, and he may have just answered, “Yeah,” to the chief deputy’s inquiries, not grasping the gravity of what was about to happen.
Naturally the father, owner, of the establishment is distraught over the reaction to his son’s mistake. And yes, it was a mistake. Now the owner is insisting all deputies are welcome.

While it hardly counts since he had to be put in his place (much like a forced apology) he’s trying to fix his error. Despite what BLM insists the public does love their police force, they are not the racist ass wipes the media makes them out to be. You’d have to be a complete idiot to believe that crap.


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