Huge Wave of Violence Again Cops Ignored by Media

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The national media, including Fox News, is in the tank with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and their Democratic Party politician enablers with respect to violence in the cities.

A reporter was talking about the reason behind the assassination of five police officers in Dallas and the answer came back, “White cop shoot black people all over the country, all the time, for no reason whatsoever.”

The head of a group called Dallas Action said the killings were a wake-up call to let people know how cops are picking on black people.

Here’s the local Fox news reporter in Dallas giving the #BlackLivesMatter protester free reign to talk trash about the police department in Dallas.

Notice how the reporter can’t be bothered to challenge his comments about the Dallas Police Department and their alleged coverups.

No reporter, no politician – at least no politician in the Democratic Party – and very few public officials will tell the truth about what’s going on with #BlackLivesMatter and police departments all over the country.

The fact is that #BlackLivesMatter and the black community in general seems driven to celebrate thugs. They’ve raised thugs like Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin to sainthood status and are more than willing to ignore the overwhelming evidence that both of these punks were just that, punks. The fact of the matter is the black communities in their cities are safer with Brown and Martin in the ground.

In Baltimore, hundreds of black people took to the streets to deify a rapper who was recently murdered. He was best known for celebrating guns, drugs, money, and bitches in his videos and in his life.

When police showed up to make sure things didn’t get out of hand they were greeted with rocks and bottles and threats and taunts when they suggested to the hundreds of people celebrating the destroying property wasn’t a good idea. The Baltimore police chief defended the rioters.

In Syracuse last month, about 500 black people showed up shooting guns and openly smoking weed. Many in the crowd were fleeing the gunfire when a female police officer showed up she ran toward the gunfire and call for backup. When backup arrived they found her on the ground surrounded by a large group of black people kicking her and trying to steal her gun. One man was running around pleading for a gun to shoot the police.

This kind of activity happens on a routine basis around the nation. The liberal media refuses to report the truth. They’d rather front the story that all the problems in the inner-city are caused by out-of-control police.

Reporting is so bad that last week, in Ireland, the young man disturbed a family gathering by announcing he had been following the shootings in Dallas and said he was happy that black people are finally fighting back. Why? Because cops had been picking on black people in America for a long time for no reason whatsoever.

Where in the world could he have learned that?

He learned from CNN. From the story featuring the President. That would be the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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