HORROR: Woman Gets Out Of Car, Comes Face To Face With Hungry Predator…

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When you go on a safari you assume you’re going to have a fun vacation, not a painful one. No such luck with this family. A woman with a bleeding heart (literally) saw her friend in trouble and jumped out of the car to help! Not so smart…

As soon as she stepped out of the vehicle (in front of her family) a tiger had its afternoon snack. The woman tried to save her friend from the tiger and in reality took the place of her friend as the tiger bit into her and then drug her away!


The driver chases after the animal, along with a second female passenger who was sitting in the back seat of the car.


According to Chinese media, the second woman was attacked by another tiger while trying to save her friend and subsequently died from her injuries.

Zoo workers rushed to rescue the family and saved the first woman from also being mauled to death.

She was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Unfortunately, this tragedy was not a first for this park, in 2014 an employee also lost his life after being attacked by a tiger.

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