HORROR! Owner Discovered Strange Liquid Dripping From Ceiling Of Salon Wall

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You never realize how lucky you are when you go to work and your workspace doesn’t look like it came straight from a horror scene. What this owner found leaking down her walls sent shivers down my spine, I couldn’t imagine seeing the warm red gooey liquid gushing through the ceiling. When she made the discovery she immediately called the police.


Alvarado, the owner of Grace Unisex Salon in the Lower East Side neighborhood, said she began to smell a horrible odor on Sunday – but at first assumed it was from the nearby porta potties.
But the smell only got worse on Monday, so Alvarado begged the landlord to do something. But he only knocked on the door.
When she spotted the blood, Alvarado knew something was wrong.


‘I told the landlord, “I think someone is dead upstairs,'” she told the New York Daily News.
‘There was blood coming down from the second floor. I was sure somebody was dead upstairs because that’s not normal.’


The cause of death is unknown, but the police did release some information. They said there was no obvious sign of trauma on his body Alvarado spoke with her neighbor occasionally and the week prior he’d been down about losing his job. Makes you wonder if this was a suicide…

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