Horrifying! Woman Steps Into New Home Finds Something She Hadn’t Previously seen…

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If you shell out half a million for a home you’d expect it to have all the bells and whistles up to date, correct? This home, in particular, was nice on the outside and rotting on the inside but not in the way you would think. When the new homeowner made the discovery she did the only thing she could think of, she called the police…


Eager to move in, the buyer began moving in on Sunday only to discover the body of Salvatore Orefice, 84, covered in a bed.
Investigators are unsure how long the body of Orefice had been in the home, but the discovery led police to Mary Karacas, Orefice’s 75-year-old girlfriend.
Simi Valley police Commander Roy Jones called Karacas and asked her to meet police at the home.

There she told officers she and Orefice had gotten into an altercation and at some point during the fight she shot him, the LA Times reported.
She was arrested by police on suspicion of murder, according to authorities.

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Talk about a fixer-upper you wouldn’t want to own! I couldn’t sleep at night knowing someone had died in the bedroom I was snoring in. After the original couple sold the home they were given 30 days to leave the premises, it was between that time frame that her boyfriend was murdered. Obviously, this old hag wasn’t in her right mind, especially, if she was trying to get away with the crime by leaving the body out in the open of the home for sale. She must have not been good at hide and seek when she was a kid, because hiding under the covers is an obvious spot, someone should have told her that about a century ago.

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