Hillary’s VP Has Some “Special Friends”

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Hillary Clinton may not have done herself much of a favor by choosing Senator Tim Kaine. We have no clue what her rationale was for picking a white guy when she had all kinds of opportunities to pick somebody who wasn’t white or wasn’t a guy.

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Tim Kaine is pretty much a clone of Hillary Clinton. He’s a darling of Wall Street, and he’s a big fan of trade deals that move U. S. jobs overseas. Hillary took all kinds of heat during the primary from Bernie Sanders who kept pointing out that she was in bed with Wall Street. Her choice of Kaine doesn’t blunt that criticism.

Charles Chamberlain, the executive director of the  far left political action committee Democracy for America, said of Kaine, “His support for fast-track authority for the job killing Trans-Pacific Partnership and recent backing of bank deregulation will make our work more difficult.”

In other words, Tim Kaine doesn’t toe the line with the far left on of lot of high profile issues. He has repeatedly backed Wall Street over Main Street in his Senate votes.

With respect to trade, in 2007 when he was governor of Virginia he said that people who opposed trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership have a “losers mentality.”

Hillary’s advisors, like Stephanie Taylor the cofounder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, are working their fingers to the bone to push Hillary further to the left. Taylor noted, “It’s now more important than ever that Hillary Clinton runs an aggressive campaign encore economic ideas like expanding Social Security, debt free college, Wall Street reform, and yes, stopping TPP.”

The big question will be how much the choice of Tim Kaine alienates Bernie Sanders supporters. They won’t be happy with Kaine’s position on their key issues and recent polling has shown that as many as 25% of them may vote for Donald Trump and another big chunk of them will just sit on the couch on election day.

Going to be a long hot summer

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