Hillary Worried That White Men May Lie: Where Did She Get That Notion?

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Hillary Clinton and her advisers are scared to death of white guys.  They think they may be lying to pollsters about supporting Hillary and when the time comes, they’re going to pull the lever for Donald Trump.

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Celinda Lake, Hillary’s pollster, said, “I worry that here is a bit of a secret Trump vote.”  She’s got proof in her polling that shows white males support Hillary when doing live interviews and when they do online polling they magically turn into hard core Trump supporters.

“There is a secret vote for Donald Trump.”

The same thing happened with Barack Obama, but the target this time is white, male, blue collar workers who are more likely to flip to Trump.  People who are “threatened economically.”

You know, if Barack had paid as much attention to jobs as he did to his golf game the economy might be in better shape and the Democrats wouldn’t have to worry about those pesky white guys.

I never get polled, but from now until November 8, I’m a Hillary supporter if the phone rings.  Not so much on November 8th though.  I’ll probably have an epiphany.

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