Hillary Watches Flag Fall, Then Does This To It!!

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Well Well, it looks as if the typical lazy democrat has come out in Hillary on camera! When the symbol of our freedom, the men who died for us, and the very foundation of our country fell, this monster watched it happen, then turns her hidious little head and goes on with her business! Watch her act like she saw NOTHING!

2016-07-29 11_18_39-U.S. Flag Falls to the Ground, Hillary's Response Tells You EVERYTHING...

The difference between Clinton and the average baby killing-supporter is that she’s running for president and should know to take more pride in all things America.

Something she never learned during her decades in politics, I guess.

If an American flag falls in a room full of liberals, does it make a sound?

Did anyone even notice her blatant disrespect for the country besides this cameraman? Not likely. It seems like a premonition of whats to come if we let the Devil into our White Walls this November! She’s selfish and she will watch the nation fall to pieces…

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