Hillary VP Has Close Ties to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

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We all know that Hillary Clinton’s best buddy, Huma Abeden, is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood like a fly on a cat turd.  Her family has held leadership positions with the Brotherhood for decades and they are linked to worldwide terrorism.

Now it turns out that Hillary’s vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, is marching in lockstep with organizations linked to worldwide Muslim terrorism.

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The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that supports worldwide Islamic terrorism and they been given a pass for the last seven years by Barack Obama. A Muslim Brotherhood member was chosen by Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to be president of Egypt after they engineered the overthrow of the Egyptian government that has been friendly to the United States for decades. That lasted about a month when the Egyptian people rose up and refused to be led by a terrorist organization.

Tim Kaine has a history of embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Islamic terror organizations.

In 2007, when Kaine was governor of Virginia, he chose the president of the Muslim American Society to fill a position on Virginia’s Immigration Commission. In 2008 federal prosecutors noted that the MAS was “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” In addition to his affiliation with MAS he was also Present of the National Muslim Students Association and served on the board of the Islamic Society of North America. U. S. Justice Department has labeled those organizations as Muslim Brotherhood entities and unindicted co-conspirators in a Hamas financing trial.

In other words, Kaine’s appointee was, at best, a supporter of Muslim terrorist organizations.

He was on record as claiming the Muslim Brotherhood is a “moderate” organization and had heaped praise on the spiritual leader of Hamas. Tape 2000 where he pledged to help Palestinians who understand that “jihad is the way to liberate your land.”

Virginia legislator wrote a letter to then-Governor Kaine warning him of his nominee’s terrorist links and a Kaine spokesman accuse the legislator of bigotry.

In addition to his appointments to state government, in 2011 Kaine spoke at a candidates night dinner organized by a group that presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to a man who was described as “a founding father U. S. Muslim Brotherhood.”

Apparently the “lifetime achievements” included playing a major role in nearly every Muslim Brotherhood front in the U. S. He was part of a group that were committed to “obtain support from influential of the individuals, in the United States under the guise of promoting and protecting Arab rights.” That came from a federal indictment of the Muslim terrorist organization.

Tim Kaine can’t plead ignorance to the support of these terrorist organizations. He was warned on at least one occasion by Virginia legislator and not only ignored the warning but accuse the legislator of bigotry. Kaine’s addition to the Hillary ticket is widely seen as a way of strengthening her national security credentials.

Who could possibly think that a candidate could care about national security after her email fiasco, after her long-standing friendship with Huma Abedin, and with the addition of the man who appoints a Hamas supporter to state government and speaks at a Muslim Brotherhood front group honoring a Muslim terrorist?

Apparently, Democrats do.

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