Guess Where the Guns Used in Paris Terrorists Attacks Came From?

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One of the weapons used in last year’s Muslim terrorist attack in Paris turns out to be one of the thousands of guns that the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy in the ATF operation known as “Fast & Furious.”

Fast & Furious was in operation designed by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice and encouraged federally licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to straw purchasers so they could track them to Mexican drug cartels. The problem is the incompetent idiots at ATF lost track of the guns.

So far those weapons – provided illegally by the Obama administration to Mexican drug lords – have been implicated in the murder of hundreds of innocent people in Mexico.

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U.S. border patrol agent, Brian Terry, in my home state of Arizona, was also killed by one of those guns. A Fast & Furious gun was used in the Muslim terrorist attack in Garland, Texas at the “Mohammed Cartoon Contest.”

We can think our friends at Judicial Watch for producing this information. Judicial Watch has produced better information through their FOIA requests that all the Republican “special committees” combined.

Unfortunately Eric Holder and the rest of the criminals in the Obama administration will never be brought to justice for this and the other outrages they perpetrated on American citizens and others around the world, but at this point we only have to be able to survive six more months of them.

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