Granny Terrorizes Little Girl, Man Steps In, Issues Harsh Dose Of Reality!

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A cranky old hag (probably a jealous diabetic) took it upon herself to play police officer. As the woman hobbled toward the entrance of Target she noticed a young girl selling candy, instead of politely declining, she harassed the child into tears. Yelling at her and making it known that she would call the police if she didn’t have a license to sell candy on the corner. It wasn’t until after a couple of minutes of harassment that a good samaritan stepped up to the plate.


Lizarraga said the girl had tried to explain that she was just ‘trying to make some money’.
But the older woman was yelling and ‘harassing’ the youngster who broke down in floods tears during the exchange.
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The elderly shopper even threatened to call the police before good Samaritan Jay Lopez intervened.
‘When I walked up, she was crying hysterically,’ he said.
Lopez stepped in and offered to buy the entire box of candy – which cost $80 – to put an end to the confrontation once and for all.

‘I’m buying it all!’ he said during the incident, which was captured on film by Lizarraga and has been viewed more than 6million times since she posted it to Facebook.
‘I’m gonna come out right now and get your cash,’ said Lopez, who told the older woman she should ‘be ashamed’ of herself.
He proceeded to hand out many of the sweets to shoppers and passersby.

Thank goodness there are good people out there instead of the busy bodies who have nothing else to do but drive to slow on the road, cause accidents, and then complain about a CHILD selling candy. Come on old lady, get a life, or at the very least leave others alone that have one.

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